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Successful K-12 Tech Implementation: What It Takes

After decades of promise and delay, digital learning technologies are finally reaching the critical tipping point necessary to spark widespread implementation at the K-12 level of U.S. education. With funds limited and few case studies available to inform such efforts, K-12 digital implementation has been hit or miss to date. This session will take a candid look at the challenges faced by K-12 schools that are implementing technology at scale—and strategies for overcoming them.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Examine the recent history and current state of digital implementation at the K-12 level of U.S. education
  2. Discuss why a K-12 digital learning environment is essential for the U.S. to remain competitive in a rapidly changing global economy
  3. Examine recent successful and less-than-successful K-12 implementations and provide basic guidelines as to what factors districts need to consider and what actions they need to take to enable a successful transition



Brian Belardi, Director of Media Relations , McGraw-Hill Education

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