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Game Changers: Tools for Constructivist Learning

A panel of seasoned educators will share their experiences, strategies, tips, and tricks for running a successful "hands-on", constructivist learning space. This applies to teachers looking to incorporate new technologies into their classroom, after-school robotics club and girl scout troop leaders, district administrators looking for new ideas, and especially those interested in evolving a fab lab or "makerspace". Activities, curriculum, new technologies, and other resources will be discussed.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Fleshing out the most important considerations in building a hands-on classroom from both a pedagogical and technological standpoint.
  2. Providing different examples of how administrators, teachers, and other educators can incorporate constructivist activities into their specific situations.
  3. Share resources for maker-centric activities such as activities, books, curricula, websites, professional development opportunities, and more.



Benjamin Leduc-Mills, R&D Swiss Army Knife, SparkFun Electronics

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