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The Science of Infographics

Why is visual information so powerful and effective?

The fact is, our brains are hardwired to visualize information. We process it faster and and we remember it more effectively than reading text or listening to audio. Human brains are still better at recognizing patterns than computers, and you should be taking advantage of that in your content.

Additionally, the amount of data we have to process every day is exploding around us. Going forward, there will never be less information than we already have. It will only continue to grow from here, and data visualizations are the most powerful way to analyze and communicate data.

Marketers, designers, media experts, developers and even CEOs need to understand the power of infographics and how to use them effectively to inform, entertain and persuade.

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  1. Why is visual content better than text?
  2. Why are infographics so popular?
  3. How do you structure a good infographic story?
  4. How are successful companies using infographics?
  5. How are infographics used as past of an SEO strategy?



Randy Krum, President, InfoNewt LLC

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