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Collaborative Consumption & Fostering the Upcycle

Collaborative Consumption, the recent eruption in sharing, swapping and reinventing resources through networks, is scaling momentously as it becomes more deeply routed through tech channels. Patty Huber, Leader of Groupon’s philanthropic team Groupon Grassroots, and Chuck Templeton, founder of Open Table and Managing Director of Impact Engine, will dive into how collaborative consumption is more than just a fad, discuss its transformative impact on a range of industries and strategies for implementing it into business models.
Sharon Schneider, Founder of Moxie Jean, and Brittany Graunke Founder of Zealous Good, will also be participating on the panel.

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  1. What does Collaborative Consumption mean to you and how does your business fit into the model?
  2. Is this a fad or the future? What will it take for us to move away from planned obsolescence?
  3. Who are the customers/early adopters? When do you think we’ll reach a tipping point of orientation towards Collaborative Consumption consumer behavior?
  4. Collaborative Consumption is not new (libraries, car rentals), so what’s novel?
  5. How is technology facilitating Collaborative Consumption?



Erin Yeager, Communications Coordinator, Groupon

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