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Drinking Your Way To The Future

To bring about a more social experience in the workplace, we created Arnie - the world's first talking beer vending machine. Arnie is fully automated, intelligent and works on the seventeenth floor at Arnold Worldwide. He's able to recognize users, recommend beers and has his own online personality to invite employees to socialize via Facebook and Twitter.
The modern frontier of advertising and technology contains much more than websites and banners. Learn about our success story with Arnie, the rapid prototyping environment that made his creation possible and where the real opportunities are in Creative Technology.

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  1. Who is Arnie?
  2. Why would an agency green light a talking, social, RFID enabled, beer slinging vending machine?
  3. How can we give digital projects a personality?
  4. What makes a good rapid prototyping environment?
  5. Where are the opportunities in Creative Technology? Are the boundaries in this field elastic?



Anthony Stellato, R&D Creative, Arnold Worldwide

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