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Merits of Interaction: Transmedia Storytelling

If apps are the way of the future in storytelling, then it is time to frame discussions around the creation and execution of books, films, and other stories in this new landscape. With technology growing more robust each day, storytellers and their facilitators must find ways to create content that takes advantage of potential interactivity in rich and meaningful ways. In this, we discuss ways to generate high quality, interactive content that's relevant to the story worlds we are creating. Transmedia story experiences are the pathway to creating a truly immersive narrative experience. With the creator of the revolutionary ImmerseditionTM interactive book apps, enter a discussion of how creativity looks in the new paradigm: How can storytellers do what they do best with emerging technologies? How can publishers, app developers, filmmakers, even record labels and brands come together to create interactive story experiences a new generation can thrive on?

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  1. What are the unique challenges of content creation in an interactive world, especially in emerging narrative forms?
  2. How can an innovative transmedia storyteller embrace the possibilities of interactivity inside and outside the written story?
  3. How is innovative transmedia storytelling changing the evolution, creation, design, and even inspiration behind novels and full-length narratives?
  4. Because publishing or app development alone cannot provide the necessary content to create a truly immersive reader experience, what must transmedia storytellers — or the companies that own them — do to span the creative landscape in order to create stories and apps that users will want to interact with on various levels?
  5. With technology growing more robust each day, what must storytellers and their facilitators do to create content that takes advantage of potential interactivity in rich and meaningful ways?



Kelly Simmon, PR Specialist, Chafie Press

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