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Busting Out Radio: Speaker < > Street < > Screen

Take to the virtual streets with Austin Music Map, an interactive documentary produced by AIR in collaboration with Austin public radio station KUT as part of the national Localore initiative (visit

Lead producer Delaney Hall and her KUT colleagues will conduct a virtual tour of the porches, churches and backyards where the city’s hidden music scenes flourish, and explain the myriad engagement strategies she used to find these spaces and bring them to life with participation from musicians and fans. Adventurous participants will then be provided with mobile resources to go out and explore the hidden hotspots on their own.

Then comes the learning: Delaney will be joined by selected AIR and Localore colleagues to walk attendees through a range of tools strategies that independent audio producers are innovating to partner with other makers across the interactive and creative communities—from data visualization, to photography, to filmmaking, to gaming and beyond.

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  1. How are nimble audio producers reinventing themselves as makers of short, hard-hitting digital content?
  2. What role can radio play in the invention of interactive documentary?
  3. What tools and tricks can interactive producers learn from ten pilot projects taking place across the U.S.?
  4. What's the best balance between online and offline engagement strategies for storytellers?
  5. What role are creatively imagined interactive maps playing in documentary and journalism?



Jessica Clark, Media Strategist, AIR

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