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Make Me Care—Digital Storytelling to Affect Change

When your goal is to move hearts and minds, and change attitudes and behaviors, (often on a limited budget) you’re going to need more than SEO and a social media strategy. This session explores how to evolve the art of storytelling in the digital age, and how digital content is being used today to affect change in the world.

NPR’s Michele Norris asked people to share their views on race in America with her “Race Card Project.” Distributed through digital channels, it has sparked a national conversation that continues to touch lives.

When traditional commercials weren’t in the budget for major causes like "Ford’s Warriors in Pink,” a breast cancer research charity, they turned to Flow Nonfiction to tell the stories of real people. The branded documentary broke the mold for commercial advertising and filmmaking.

The digital age has changed how we tell them, but story remains the most effective and compelling way to make a point. Nothing is more powerful than a great story.

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  1. What are some prime examples of how great online storytelling has gotten results and driven social change?
  2. Why do many organizations/causes/issues that have great stories to tell fail to gain traction?
  3. How can I identify the most compelling aspect of my work to build a story around?
  4. How do I tell my story in a way that sparks conversation and moves the issue forward?
  5. How can I determine the best medium to tell my story online (e.g. blog, video, etc.)



Chapin Springer, Senior Account Executive , GMMB

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