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I [HEART] The Future: Livingroom Panel & Gameshow

The kid in all of us has been keeping a sci-fi wishlist (gadgets, future-tech we wish were real) since she/he was 7 years old. Let's talk about what was/is at the top of your lists, why it's there and how it measures up to reality (if it already exists). We will use the responses of 10 notable names in Technology, Entertainment and Design to kickstart the conversation and transition to comparing and contrasting their answers with those of the audience (collected via live-tweet, online submission and at-the-door). In the second-half we will play the "I [heart] the future" audience game, giving people the chance to use their cunning intellect, nerd-knowledge and quick-action buzz-in skills to win most excellent prizes.

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  1. Which future-tech devices have already come to life
  2. Are the devices that exist as-good, better, worse than their future-vision
  3. What was the original intention of these devices and how does it compare with the realities of how they are being used
  4. What is by far the best manifestation of future-tech coming to life
  5. Which device/tech do we want to see next (most anticipated)



Daniil Vinokur, Associate Experience Director, Razorfish

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