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Mosh Pit of Experts: The Future of Social

Enough of the pontificating panel! In a rapid and fast paced (gameshow-like) session, we put the audience (that means YOU) in the hot seat as the expert on the future of social.
How will social integrate into functional responsibilities? What kind of tools will need to evolve? How will the big players in the industry evolve? Where will innovation come from?
We've done this before and the insights from brands, agencies, and consultants are fascinating. You will be cheered and revered by your fellow audience members (or not). Fun and insightful, this session promises more help in preparing for the future of social than anything in your future!

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  1. How will we think about social in business 5 years from now?
  2. What will change in the structure of your organization to support it?
  3. What are the job titles of the future and what training/ skill sets will be required?
  4. How will measurement change from short term marketing spend vs long term relationships?
  5. What is coming in technology that will shift our capabilities or way of reaching customers through social?



Sean MCDONALD, Colony Master, Ant's Eye View

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