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Hollywood to Silicon Valley: Making a Megahit

Everyone wants a hit. Whether it’s in television, movies or business, executives and entrepreneurs are hunting for the next big thing. You see the hits on the big and small screens, but what has to happen in order for them to get there?

In a landscape where Netflix isn’t just distributing content but making it, and tech is converging with media and entertainment, there might be an entirely new paradigm for creating a hit. The success of a show like Orphan Black was fueled by the popularity of #cloneclub on social media sites.

Our conversation will bridge tech and entertainment and explore how a solid VC-startup partnership can make magic, just as solid producer-writer partnerships can create box office smashes as varied as American Hustle or Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Hear what our our all-star panelists from Hollywood and Silicon Valley have to say about what it takes to create the mega-hits that can drive our business and culture across decades and generations.

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  1. How does star quality impact your success as an entrepreneur? Is there a halo effect that results from partnering or being involved with some of the bigger names?
  2. What are the measurements for success when it comes to film and television? Are there specific metrics?
  3. How do you foster great partnerships even when they seem incongruent to the untrained eye?
  4. What role does different types of social media play in creating hits that people will enjoy?
  5. What are the three things you need to consider when determining what it takes to create a megahit?



Shannon Reed, AAE, Nectar Communications

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