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Eat. Blog. Publish: Internet to Paper Hit

eatPGH is a blog about Pittsburgh food started by four ladies in 2009. Delicious food and fresh, fun perspective was the name of the game for three years. The gals blogged with the burgeoning Pittsburgh food community and food eaters in mind. And then, BOOM. A book deal. The first book dedicated to 'Burgh food (in the history of... well... ever.) It's the delicious dream to reality of blog turned book.
Eat. Blog. Publish. will focus on how to build your audience from the ground up through social media and become a trusted source of information for a community. And, while harnessing the power of the internet is key, the most important part of the process is engaging in the good old fashioned way of talking to people and networking the crap out of your town/city/hamlet.


  1. I have an idea -- now where is my audience?
  2. Should I go it alone or recruit others to help me on this journey?
  3. What are the methods to the this social media madness?
  4. I've done the digital dancing; what do I do in the real world?
  5. How does a fun hobby turn into a business without losing the fun?



Laura Zorch, Author, eatPGH

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