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Beyond advocacy: innovation and entrepreneurship

Plastic pollution is a multifaceted global problem that humanity is just beginning to address.
The tireless efforts of hundreds of the consumer advocates and sustainability organizations are paying off. The term “plastic pollution” has risen in public trends, leading the growth in public demand for products that are made of non-toxic plastic alternatives. And still, alternatives to conventional plastics are few. The best-selling consumer products are priced out of the economic range of most families in North America and rest of world. Products that are not packaged in plastic are usually more expensive, or not available in mainstream stores. The same problem persists The same problem persists in the B2B space – where plastic is used widely throughout the supply chain.
This is where environmental education stops short. Solutions, alternatives and new products must be found. Demand is growing and supply needs to rise to meet it.

Additional Supporting Materials


  1. For investors: Identify major investment opportunities in the emerging market for alternatives to conventional plastics, by niche and greatest need, as well as hot pressure points.
  2. For entrepreneurs: guidance on how to introduce and present their sustainable business to a major brand with a stated commitment to sustainability agenda, including investor deck, value proposition, business concepts and other.
  3. For global sustainability managers: guidance on how to partner and collaborate with consumer advocates towards a true corporate sustainability.
  4. For consumer advocates and NGOs: a guidance on presenting a vision and solutions to the public.



Daniella Russo, CEO, Think Beyond Plastic Innovation Accelerator

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