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Teaching Cheetahs: Disruptive Education in Africa

The discussion will focus on bringing to light some of the innovative ideas being put into practice on the African continent to build leadership and management capacity thus enabling African to fully take advantage of its accelerating growth trajectory.
Creating and expanding opportunities for youth engagement, education and empowerment is especially important in Africa since it is the youngest continent on the planet, with over 70% of its population under 30.
The panel will use examples of institutions and initiatives with unique and innovative approaches to closing Africa's education gap. Leveraging tools that range from text message based test prep to 'pay-it-forward' funding for higher education, these organizations will provide the audience with a glimpse into the rapidly evolving landscape of African education and how it will affect the continents leadership going forward.

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  1. What is the education gap in Africa? We will try to get at why highly distributed education in Africa is necessary, why it does not currently exist and what problem it solves
  2. Who are the players trying to disrupt the African education space? We will dive deep into initiatives and institutions that are changing the African education landscape. We will touch on public sector, private sector and non-profit initiatives and discuss their various levels of efficacy in tackling the education gap in Africa.
  3. How does technology change the game? We will look at the role of information technology, especially mobile technology as a platform for accelerating the creation and distribution of relevant educational content for Africa. We will give examples of such technologies in action.
  4. What is the impact on leadership and why does it matter? We will dig into Africa's leadership challenge and how both formal and informal education structures need to change if we are to address the challenge effectively.
  5. What is coming next and how to engage? We will discuss exciting changes that could move the dial even further in the future and provide examples of how the audience can engage with this exciting shift. We will also tie the discussion back to what the rest of the world can and should learn from the African example.



john kidenda, Board vice chair, The African Leadership Bridge

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