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Solving Big Problems Through Creative Design

How can innovative thinking and creative design solve some of the world’s biggest challenges?

The field of design extends beyond the boundaries of simply creating a better product. It requires a deeper understanding of the complex problems facing our society and a focus on creative innovation to address our cultural, environmental and economic issues. When we look at things like climate change and carbon emissions, the conversation tends to be about what we have to give up to decrease the effects, whether it’s driving less, flying less or using less water. What if we shifted the conversation to what we can create to drive change?

Companies like Adobe, Autodesk, IDEO and Frog Design, are leading the way in sustainable design and challenging conventions. This panel will discuss specific design innovations that are defying standard expectations and making sustainability easy, cost effective and beautiful.

We currently have three speakers confirmed with the goal of four total.


  1. Educate attendees about the power that innovative thinking and design has in affecting environmental issues.
  2. Engage the panel and the audience in a provocative dialogue about thoughts and ideas for a sustainable future through a design lens.
  3. Inspire entrepreneurs, startups, designers, and environmentalists to think creatively to make an impact and walk away filled with new ideas.
  4. Change the thinking around what’s possible through design.



Calisa Hildebrand, Account Supervisor, Edelman

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