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City Transit 411: Urban Myths & Urban Mobility

Legal battles. Political wrangling. Salacious headlines. These factors have cast doubt and suspicion on new transportation options for city dwellers, calling into question the future of carsharing and ridesharing. Innovation - in the form of quick, convenient, tech-driven access to urban mobility solutions - is outpacing transportation regulation and generating new urban myths about the viability and legality of car- and ride-sharing operations. Transportation providers are at a critical juncture, as they balance the need for increased access to services and the need for a sensible approach to regulating them.

Join a researcher, a leader of an established company, a public policy chief, and a prominent journalist for a lively discussion on the urban transit evolution. They’ll offer diverse perspectives on how public and private transportation providers are innovating to meet market needs and define critical next steps to create the sustainable mobility solutions of the future.

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  1. Urban myths about urban mobility - Many misnomers about regulation exist. And, there are mounting questions about access to rights-of-way, taxation, safety and insurance. The panel will clarify points of confusion and discuss how to keep compliance from impeding progress.
  2. What successful urban mobility looks like - The ideal, practical combination of rented, shared, and owned transport options can differ in each metropolitan area. The panel will discuss how the transportation industry can measure success.
  3. Nuances in the latest urban transportation trends - Is carsharing different from ridesharing? And how are on-demand ride services different from ridesharing? The panel will discuss these distinctions and whether it makes a difference as we seek to develop future solutions.
  4. What current trends will impact the future of transportation?



Laura Bryant, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Communications, Enterprise Holdings

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