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The Perks of Procrastination

Writers are notorious procrastinators, but as you can imagine, we're also creative at finding ways of delaying sitting down in front of a blank or partially completed page. While I often turn to baking when there are more important things to do, one of my recent dilatory tactics turned into something more. I began wondering whether there were other women out there who shared my unusual name. I had met one other Bryna when I was growing up, and had heard of two others – the grandmother of a high school classmate, and Kirk Douglas’ mother, after whom he named his production company. But suddenly I discovered Brynas all around of the world, each of whom had never met another with the same name, and were excited to chat with others whose names were habitually mispronounced. Everyone had a story. We also discovered that those of who share the name share other traits: We are over-represented among artists, writers, doctors, lawyers and academics. What's in a name, after all?


  1. What is it about you that you always felt was 'unique'? It could be an interest, something in your background, or even your name.
  2. How do you find other people with similar interests, hobbies or traits in common without attracting the attention of the Facebook police?
  3. Is it possible to develop intimate relationships with strangers on the basis of nothing more than a shared name?
  4. What does a gathering of strangers on the basis of something as simple as a shared name tell us about our desires to "connect" personally during an age when technology is pushing people further apart?
  5. What have you always been curious about (but have been too focused to go off track to seek out)?



Bryna Kranzler, Author/Publisher/Speaker, Crosswalk Press

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