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How Big Data is Powering Big Water

How data analytics is poised solve some of a $600 billion industry’s most intractable problems: how can water providers encourage their customers to conserve an increasingly constrained resource and continue to make money while selling less water? This panel explores the question from the perspectives of a sector entrepreneur with extensive regulatory experience, leaders of some of the largest water utilities in the country, and a major leader in big data management and analytics.


  1. What kind of data collection is needed to provide actionable insight, and is real-time data really necessary?
  2. How can data be used to educate ratepayers and encourage them to conserve water?
  3. How can utilities learn use Big Data to build sustainable pricing structures to withstand the financial pressures of conservation?
  4. What greater insights might Big Data provide to the water sector?



Scott Bryan, COO, Imagine H2O

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