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Can Mission-based Companies Change Big Industry?

Consumers are becoming more aware of where their food comes from, and the impact of their food purchases. As the food industry is widely dominated by large conglomerates, values-based brands are getting together to take the industry on a sustainable track. After working on a coalition to elevate the standards of fair trade, sustainable foods brand Alter Eco and the group of brands OSC2 -One Step Closer to an Organic Sustainable Community- started a packaging coalition, with the mission to remove petroleum-based plastic from your pantry. The coalition has developed a home compostable flexible packaging, and got retailers on board to launch the innovation in store. The impact of such an innovation, originated from the operations of small passionate companies, could be tremendous once adopted by the entire industry. Millions of tons of petroleum-based plastic used in flexible packaging, which today end up in the landfill, could be replaced by this home compostable material.

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  1. The panel will demonstrate (1) how a small coalition of passionate brands has led many years of R&D to develop an innovative home compostable packaging material, and (2) how it would have been almost impossible to achieve without collaborating with each other. The panel will present the excitement of launching the first-ever fully sustainable flexible pack to market, and the risks that it involves.
  2. Innovations don’t necessarily become a competitive advantage. Innovations can serve a greater purpose, and benefit an entire industry. In this case, aiming at removing plastic from everybody’s pantry (not only one brand’s consumers) is the motivation behind this innovation.
  3. Is the food system ready for a major change in packaging, driven by values-based companies? What can be the impact of a compostable packaging in a context where many municipalities don’t accept compost? The panel will share ideas and initiatives at the retailer level for the industry to get organized and offer programs where compost is not yet available.
  4. Where do consumers stand in the packaging waste debate? The panel will discuss if consumers care enough to change their habits. A compostable packaging will have a shorter shelf life, which ultimately forces retailers and consumers to revise their approach to packaging, from a disposable tool to a living ingredient that will change with time.



Antoine Ambert, Director of Marketing, Alter Eco

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