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Toxins All Around Us: "Safe," the New Sustainable

Beautycounter's mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. Helping to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals and improve long-term health is what sets us apart from nearly every other company in the $160 billion US cosmetics industry. We propose a panel that focuses on the need to make “safe” the new “sustainable.” This panel will help to bring to the forefront the need to focus on the health implications of the products we all use everyday. We will discuss why exposures to small amounts of toxic chemicals everyday matters to our heath, and how toxins get into the products on store shelves in the first place. We’ll then dive into meaningful solutions—how we can make changes in our personal lives, businesses, and influence changes in legislation and in society to improve safety, health, quality of life and American innovation.

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  1. How and why cosmetics companies (and other companies) can use virtually any ingredient they want in the products we use on our bodies everyday (including known toxic chemicals), and how we can change that using the marketplace and public policy.
  2. Polls show consumers think safety is one of the most important factors when considering personal care products. However, most also think that a product with natural ingredients is therefore safe. This is not necessarily the case. The confusion serves some companies well; “natural” cosmetics are the fastest growing segment of the industry. We will shed light on "greenwashing" and define “safety” so we can begin to make more informed choices and ultimately help drive change.
  3. How we can protect those most vulnerable to toxic chemicals, including expectant mothers and babies, workers and people already living with illness. We will offer concrete tips for your family and actions for broader change.
  4. Participants will learn about hidden and untested ingredients in personal care products, and meaningless claims. We will talk about how can work to increase transparency and safety in a complicated supply chain and marketplace.



Mia Davis, Head of Health & Safety, Beautycounter

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