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How to Tackle the Renewable Energy - Water Nexus

Two thirds of the planet is now defined as “water scarce” and as climate change causes more frequent droughts, our ability to grow economically is continually stressed. Through renewable desalination and innovative conservation techniques we can end water scarcity, future proof our water infrastructure, and reaffirm access to clean water as a basic human right. Ultimately, we will have to explore additional ways to secure freshwater to sustain life and encourage growth. Using fossil fuels to desalinate or transport water will only intensify the problem, but using renewable energy would be a sustainable, cost effective solution. As drought conditions increase, it is essential that water generation doesn’t become a part of the problem and that conservation is a community initiative. In this panel you will learn how we can harness the renewable energy water nexus together.


  1. Understand the issues and complexities of the renewable energy-water nexus
  2. Learn how companies and governments can sustainably secure freshwater resources without negatively impacting the environment
  3. How communities can conserve the precious water resources they have through a number of techniques and technologies
  4. The landscape of different water management technologies and the opportunities and challenges they present



Emily Chan, Communications Strategist, MissionCTRL Communications

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