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Law Firms and Twitter and Blawgs, oh my!

The social web has seriously altered the way the American Legal Industry operates. Things as diverse as the collapse of mega-firm Dewey & LeBoeuf, the popular reaction to the Obamacare decision, law firm hiring and bonus decisions, jury sequestration, and legal scholarship have been impacted by real-time reporting and greater ease of access to information. This panel will focus on how tech has changed the legal landscape and finding the best ways for practicioners to leverage the available tools to stay ahead of the competition.

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  1. How has the availability of bonus and hiring decisions online changed the way law firms do business?
  2. Does the emergence of services like Google Scholar and LegalZoom signal a change in how lawyers fit in society?
  3. Have Facebook and Twitter made the populace more engaged in the judicial process, or are events like the Casey Anthony Trial and the Obamacare decision just media-driven circuses using the web as an easy venue?
  4. With today's hyper-connected populace, what challenges are posed by jury sequestration?
  5. It's been said that the internet is killing the traditional newspaper, are printed law journals an endangered species, too?



Alexander Hughes, Managing Online Content Editor, Texas Law Review

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