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Antarctica Now: Hot Science in a Changing World

This panel brings together world-class polar scientists to show off the latest Antarctic data highlighting the causes and impacts of climate change. We'll show off the latest big data visualizations of ice flow, glacier mass balance, and the most up-to-date weather data being collected and streamed live from the south polar wilderness. We'll share not just the data, but how citizen scientists, educators, and the media can access and explore the data on their own.

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  1. Inform environmental educators and journalists about the range of research activities going on in Antarctica today.
  2. Show that Earth's south pole is changing rapidly, which may have consequences for all of us living in temperate latitudes.
  3. Give attendees the resources they need to access live-streaming Antarctic data and social media news streams so that they can stay informed in the future.
  4. Highlight the collective power of big data projects, geophysics, and geology to visualize rapid change at Earth's poles.



Joeseph Levy, Research Associate, University of Texas Institute for Geophysics

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