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Salvaging the Holocene: Biomimicry & Resilience

Our panel focuses on a design algorithm for the doers, based on biomimicry (ecosystem scale), resilience science, and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK). This pragmatic process solves for the design of functionally resilient homes, cities & communities, and complex 'sustainability' initiatives.

We illustrate this doer's & designer's algorithm through case studies, both from our work and those embedded in the deep adaptive memory of TEK. These examples include how to translate the adaptive wisdom & memory embedded in the biosphere and ethnosphere into a tool of design. Results of the process that attendees will learn take form as Genius of Place & ecological metrics (i.e., Ecology as zoning) for homes & cities using biomimicry, resilience science and TEK.

Ultimately, the process is coevolutioanry, and creates usable design, construction, planning and legal solutions, uniquely of Place but aimed at meaningfully tackling the emerging planetary challenges.


  1. Articulate the nature of the challenge facing humanity based on the emergent consequences of the human species having grown into a geologic force.
  2. Identify why preserving and enhancing the living world is the most powerful and profitable design & construction strategy for our cities and civilization as our sources of adaptive solutions are eroding.
  3. Apply the biomimicry/resilience based algorithm and process to any project by using readily available and generally free sources of information to develop a deep, design-based understanding of your place over difference scales of time, place and pace.
  4. Utilize resilience science as a tool and framework for the design of homes, cities & communities, and complex sustainability initiatives.



Josh Stack, Counselor at Law, Biomimicry & Resilience, NGBC, LLC

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