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Startups: Innovating Big Business

Do you want to be the next business acquired by a multibillion dollar corporation? "Startups: Innovating Big Business" will be an exciting panel speaking about the dynamic relationship between startups, equity crowdfunding, and big business. In our startup driven world, big businesses are looking to become more entrepreneurial and innovative by joining the ranks of creative startup companies, most notably in the tech space. Corporations are operating with a startup mentality and want to be a part of this fast paced landscape. Learn how you can utilize the vast pool of resources from these large corporations for your startup. This panel is complete with strong leaders in the industry from 3 different viewpoints: equity crowdfunding (Daryl Bryant - Founder and CEO StartupValley), big business (Guy Story - CTO, and startup/brand partnerships (Joe Jaffe - Co-Founder and CEO


  1. How can my startup innovate big brands?
  2. What steps can I take to create a successful brand partnership?
  3. How are corporations getting involved with startups and equity crowdfunding?
  4. What are the next steps for my startup after aligning with a brand?
  5. As an investor, how can I be involved in the startups that have a brand's support?



Adam Smith, CMO, StartupValley

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