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Startup Funding: Alternative Sources of Capital

Regardless of the size or industry, every new venture will eventually need to raise money to move the company forward. This is true whether you are creating a great lifestyle company or the next big tech startup that will be acquired by Google or will go public.
But the reality is that the most sought after funding route (family/friends to angels to VCs) is not accessible to most startups, especially in the early stages. So it's critical that every entrepreneur knows and understands all of the options available -- from bootstrapping to crowdfunding to SBA loans to investment from your customers.
Hear from our stellar panel of startup CEOs on how they have funded their companies to date.
BONUS: The top 5 things every entrepreneur needs to do to get investor ready.

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  1. What are alternative sources of capital for startups?
  2. Is crowdfunding really an option for startups looking for real growth capital?
  3. How realistic is it for tech startups to get loans, especially SBA loans?
  4. When does it make sense to approach my customers to be potential investors?
  5. What are the key things every startup needs to do get investor ready, regardless of the source of capital?



Delilah Panio, Founder, Stiletto Dash Inc.

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