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Feed Everyone!

As complicated as our world seems to be - scalable solutions to many of our most pressing problems are as simple as two plus two. Fighting hunger is one such issue - with one of the simplest solutions being the return in popularity of the ancient concept of "gleaning" to feed the food insecure (a.k.a. the recovery of produce that would otherwise go to waste.) This presentation will, through words, images and video, show the various solutions being employed across the country around the concept of taking what many think of as food waste and turning it into a healthy, sustainable means to feed those in need. Highlights will include organizations doing viable work around farm gleaning, backyard harvesting, innovative community gardens, farmers market recovery, social enterprises and many others. Additionally, it will showcase how high tech solutions are being employed in this "high touch" work.


  1. To inform attendees of this growing movement and its many faces, something which many have limited or no knowledge of.
  2. To inspire people to be part of the conversation and take the simple steps to be change-makers in the area of curtailing food waste/enabling food recovery in their own communities.
  3. Educate folks about the current realities of the "corporatization" of food banks in the US.
  4. To keep it light and bring some humor to what is otherwise a heavy downbeat topic: hunger.



Rick Nahmias, Founder/Exec. director, Food Forward

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