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Building The Whole Developer

Across the tech industry, developers are stereotyped as either socially awkward shut-ins who code around the clock, or obliviously arrogant “brogrammers” who give the industry a bad name.
The values and skills needed to do more than create a product, but to build a successful company, are convoluted and misunderstood.
What might happen if we invested in the development of a healthy, well rounded programmer? What might happen if we shifted the values and stereotypes surrounding programming?
The Whole Developer initiative at AngelHack encourages and supports the development of 6 core soft skills in programmers including Communication, Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Work/Life Balance, and Social Responsibility.

In this talk, we'll discuss why these soft skills matter, how we can build and encourage them, and how this might improve the tech industry at large.

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  1. Why do soft skills matter in the tech industry? How might the tech industry be different if we put more emphasis and value on soft skills?
  2. How can independent professionals, startups, and established companies build and develop soft skills effectively and efficiently?
  3. What are some great examples of organizations that value and develop these skills well? What are some examples of failure?
  4. What are good resources and strategies for measuring and rewarding the development of soft skills?
  5. What are good resources and strategies for maintaining growth and learning of soft skills?



Kamrin Klauschie, Community Manager, AngelHack

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