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Entrepreneurs Approach to Ecosystem Collaboration

Can complex problems be solved by innovation and collaboration? We use food as one example and look at two case studies of significant change. Google Innovation Lab for Food Experience and FishPeople are regenerating food systems with unique approaches. At Google, the global Innovation Lab for Food Experience has taken on a multi-year engagement with participants from top universities, leading companies, food purveyors of all sizes, farmers and more. They are already advancing projects on all continents. Fish People has created a bio-regional collaboration that engages all those who touch a market destined fish (from fisherman to canner to distributor. They are working with similar principles that are tested, but with unique applications.

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  1. Understand how specific applications of living systems thinking and practice is working to create amplified impact and results
  2. See how entrepreneurial thinking, in a corporate setting, or responsible startup can be a game changer for ecosystem challenges much better than project based work on smaller parts. And how Innovation Labs or Value-Adding process collaboration sets up a different forum, avoiding problem solving processes and using innovation processes instead.
  3. What is required of the entrepreneur or entrepreneur(s) as persons to "lead" such an effort?
  4. What are the foundational factors necessary to move people effectively to come together and put egos and stove pipes aside for the greater good?



Carol Sanford, CEO, The Responsible Entrepreneur Institute

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