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How Women Are Driving the Gaming Industry Forward

The largest demographic of online game players are women over 35. And, this demographic is more social than ever; they’re willing to purchase virtual goods and boosters, while spending more time playing across multiple devices and platforms.
Get an insider’s view of this fun and dynamic industry with a focus on how women are driving the gaming space forward, as the business and creative talent behind the games and as consumers of games. Hiring women in the games industry leads to successful, fun games with a loyal following. An all-star panel of women executives and game developers from top game companies will share their experiences as females working in the game industry, what they’ve learned from making games designed for both men and women and offer tips for landing your dream gaming job.


  1. How do women break into the games industry?
  2. What can we do in education to get more girls into the game industry?
  3. How do men (or other women) encourage women to get interested in games and/or the games industry?
  4. What are the design challenges with developing a game that both men and women will want to play?
  5. What marketing tactics are being taken to encourage both male and female players to play your games?



Lisa Revelli, Senior PR Manager, Zynga

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