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Startup Politics: Tech Inside the Beltway

Do you ever wonder, "What is the Beltway thinking" -- especially when it comes to understanding technology and start-up culture? We live and work in the halls of Congress, for candidates, and with causes trying to influence legislation -- and sometimes we wonder the same thing. But we see something else too: an irresistible obsession with start-ups and tech that energizes elected officials, political parties and causes, and engages them, even when they don't always understand the details. When the Beltway looks at entrepreneurs, what does it see? What lessons has it learned from start-up culture? How can we bridge the knowledge gap to help build more effective movements and craft better policy?

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  1. What has the Beltway learned from the startup community?
  2. Why does it seem like the Beltway sometimes fails at technology -- especially when it comes to articulating tech policy?
  3. How are political parties, candidates, and causes evolving and adapting?
  4. Who are the most tech-savvy Members of Congress? I mean, not just on Twitter. Who really understands what I do for a living and how government can best help?
  5. What is the role of the entrepreneur? Is there any hope? How can I get involved in the process?



Julie Germany, Vice President, DCI Group

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