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The Real Problem With Hiring: It's Way Too Easy

Almost everyone will tell you hiring is a huge challenge. But consider how much we suck at picking people; look at marriage success rates. The real problem is that hiring is actually way too easy to do. It's as simple as saying "You're hired."

When busy entrepreneurs are deputized into hiring managers, it’s way easier to hire someone decent than someone they'd give up their own salary to have. Hiring is a cruel process whether or not you keep high standards: the #2 candidate still doesn’t have a job. So how can entrepreneurs be positive they’re picking the right person to join them - making hiring as simple as it really is?

Get surprising observations and real-world examples from an expert in helping entrepreneurs hire successfully. In this session, you'll hear the keys to hiring people so brilliant it seems like they’re doing you a favor by working for you. Learn how to quickly spot A players – and how to make sure they’re ready to take the responsibility, along with the job.


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  1. What are the things entrepreneurs must (and must not) do in order to consistently hire the right people?
  2. Why are referrals actually one of the most dangerous ways to hire someone?
  3. How can you become so confident in a new hire that you'd bet your job on their success?
  4. How can an entrepreneur spend less time on hiring-- so they can get back to other work?
  5. How can entrepreneurs recognize hidden red flags - things that clearly say a candidate could be a disaster?



Eric Gaydos, Buzz Marketing Manager, The Resumator

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