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Political Cartooning: From Dead Trees to Live Wire

Political cartooning has been around since ancient Rome and is more popular with readers than ever before. Now that print media is being replaced with online distribution channels, however, they're being left behind—and content-based websites are missing the chance to exploit this powerful mix of words and pictures. Cartoonist, author, ex-newspaper syndicate executive and occasional comix war correspondent Ted Rall explains how cartoons—not just political cartoons—can bring more eyeballs to your website and can be directly monetized.

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  1. Why should my website include cartoons?
  2. What distinguishes an effective cartoon from a lame one?
  3. How can cartoons make money for my site?
  4. What's more effective—static cartoons, or animated shorts?
  5. How do I find the right cartoonist, or mix of cartoonists?



Ted Rall, Syndicated Cartoonist, Universal Press Syndicate

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