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Reality Bites: Surviving the Film Biz in Your 20s

So you went to film school but you're not a filmmaker - now what? Hear from 5 young(ish) film nerds who navigated their way to interesting positions at interesting companies and organizations, working in criticism, programming, distribution, outreach, new media and sometimes even a little movie making...all before turning 30! After surviving the wear and tear of underwhelming internships, under paying entry level positions and mindless spread sheets, we found our way! We'll give tips on how to get ahead, being eager without conveying your desperation, and how to navigate big egos and pressure from higher ups. In this economy, only the tough (and crazy) survive.


  1. How do you make the most of an internship without selling your soul or dying of starvation? How long should you intern before looking for work?
  2. How do you make the most of an entry level position at a film company without selling your soul or dying of starvation? How long should you stay in an entry level position before looking for new/better/harder work?
  3. What are the pro's and con's of freelancing in film in your 20's?
  4. How to take advantage of perks? How to network without being annoying?
  5. Taking risks when you're young: Is it worth it?



Sara Kiener, Director of Marketing, Film Presence

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