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Design as a Differentiator for Mobile Commerce

eMarketer forecasts that U.S. m-commerce sales will rise 56% to $38B this year – set to reach over $86B by 2016. Mobile commerce has gone from wish list to must-have technology for merchants of all types. But just building an app or mobile site is not enough to close the sale. Design and usability are essential differentiators in creating a brand narrative and engaged customers.
Just two years ago, HotelTonight was a diagram of smartphone screens on a piece of paper, a mobile commerce dream. Today, HotelTonight is a successful mobile-only business that engages its millions of users while enabling them to book hotel rooms at the last minute on their mobile devices.
In this session, CEO Sam Shank will share best practices when designing for mobile commerce. He’ll dig into mobile design complexities and pitfalls, provide insight into some of the challenges that HotelTonight has encountered and mistakes made along the way, and show how design improvements help conversion rates.

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  1. Why did HotelTonight go mobile-first? What are the components of a great mobile-first company?
  2. What are the basic design guidelines for building a successful commerce app? What are some rookie design mistakes and how does a company avoid them?
  3. What were the differences between designing on iOS vs. Android? What were the challenges of designing apps on both platforms?
  4. How do you hire the right designer? How do you download your vision into actual, real-life design?
  5. What specific design changes have impacted revenue, conversion, sign up, etc. over the years?



Lisa Gonzales, Head of PR, HotelTonight

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