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Android’s Principles for Designing the Future

The next generation of technology is here: mobile, powerful, versatile, and ubiquitous. User experience has never mattered more.
Android has done extensive research and thinking into what good design means in the 21st century. Based on what we learned, we created design principles to sharpen our focus on people: enchanting them, simplifying their lives, and making them feel like they can do amazing things with technology.
This talk is aimed at designers, product managers, and engineers who want to build products that are simple, pleasurable, and sometimes even addictive. We’ll introduce the design principles that took Android’s user experience to the next level, and discuss how to apply them throughout your project lifecycle.

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  1. What makes a user experience good versus amazing?
  2. What are Android’s design principles?
  3. How and why were the Android design principles developed?
  4. How can Android’s design principles help me in the process of creating and evolving products?
  5. How do Android’s design principles apply beyond mobile phone interfaces?



Rachel Garb, Interaction Designer, Google

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