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How Much Should I Charge?

The new economy has changed everything, allowing – or forcing – workers to leave their (un)comfortable 9-to-5 day jobs in order to pursue their passion in a freelance career that provides freedom, fulfillment, and location independence. But once the high of working from home wears off, the realization of bringing in real income appears.
The top question every freelancer wants to know is:
How much do I charge for my services?
It doesn’t matter if you’re a graphic designer, public speaker, teacher, photographer, programmer, or life coach, determining the correct rate to charge your clients is equal parts research, science, market factors, black magic, and gut feeling.
Based on his standing room only session at SXSW 2012 teaching attendees How to Become a Salary Negotiation Rock Star in the corporate world, "Salary Tutor" author Jim Hopkinson delves into the freelance world to help you get paid what you deserve.

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  1. What are the 5 key factors that will influence what you can charge?
  2. Where can I find research to help me set my rates?
  3. What is the single best question to ask when asked how much you charge?
  4. How can you use technology, social media, and value-adds to increase your income?
  5. How do you raise your rates once you have existing clients?



Jim Hopkinson, President, Hopkinson Creative Media, LLC

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