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Riot Nrrrd: The DIY Future of Games as a Medium

Many games have been described as fun, exciting, and immersive, so why are so few heartbreaking, inspirational, personal, or subversive? Alex Sheive, CTO of Modit and Zoe Quinn, creator of Depression Quest and co-founder of Dames Making Games, will explore how this medium has been limited in the past and what it will look like in the near future as those barriers are finally destroyed.
Specific tools that will open up game creation to anyone will be discussed, as well as the kinds of creative movements and content they will engender. Finally you’ll learn how you can make games, now. No, really, you, RIGHT NOW!

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  1. What barriers to game creation have limited games a medium of self-expression?
  2. How can technology make expression through games accessible to anyone and easy enough to change what we think of as a game?
  3. How can we inspire more people to express themselves through games?
  4. What kind of games will we see in a future where anyone can make them?
  5. How do I get started making games now?



Alexander Sheive, CTO/Founder, Modit, Inc.

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