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Bitcoin Workshop: Buying, Selling and Transacting

This two and a half hour long workshop will get you started with bitcoin!
Everyone should bring a computing device with bitcoin software preinstalled. If you have a Mac or PC laptop, please install "electrum" -- you can find it on a search engine. If you have an iPhone or Android, please install the "blockchain" app -- you can find it on the respective app stores.
We'll begin by going over the history of bitcoin and then get right into how to use the software.
After that we'll show you how to buy and sell bitcoins for US dollars so you can get started. We'll review the online exchanges where you can trade bitcoin for fiat currencies (e.g., euros, dollars).
We'll also demonstrate how to buy them the old-fashioned way, face-to-face from someone else in the workshop! You'll see how long it takes to complete a transaction and how to convey your long, messy wallet addresses to each other.
By the end of the workshop you'll have a small stash of bitcoin, and a few transactions under your belt.

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  1. What bitcoin software should I install on my desktop or laptop computer?
  2. How do I get a bitcoin wallet on my smart phone?
  3. Where can I buy bitcoin?
  4. How do I sell bitcoin?
  5. How do I send and receive bitcoin?



Stephen Fraga, CEO, AcademyX Computer Training

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