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New Technology for Conflict Prevention

For decades, conflict prevention practitioners have searched for creative ways to bring about human connections that bridge opposed positions. Public information campaigns, reconciliation conferences and exchanges between groups all provide the reflective space for alternative narratives.

As online and mobile connectivity increases, new ways to connect people and build social cohesion are emerging. Peace messages delivered via SMS can have a wider and more timely reach. Reconciliation conferences can be supplemented with online collaborative formulation of peace agreements, drawing on one-texting practices. Exchange visits can be augmented by online interactions, building on existing social networks. Platforms for collaborative design and funding of community projects can be used to identify and deliver “peace dividends.”

This panel will explore how peacebuilding practitioners leverage new technologies to create virtual adaptations of traditional conflict prevention activities.

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  1. What are some concrete examples where new technology is used for conflict prevention, and what can we learn from them?
  2. How do we combine tech-based conflict prevention with ‘traditional’ conflict prevention? Can we do all peacebuilding online?
  3. Is new technology for conflict prevention limited to ‘early warning systems’? How can it facilitate ‘early response’ to conflict?
  4. Is the use of new technology for conflict prevention limited to countries with high internet connectivity?
  5. How do we keep technology-enabled initiatives conflict sensitive? How do we apply ‘Do No Harm’ principles with new technologies?



Helena Puig Larrauri, Peacebuilding Consultant, Utopia Way

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