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Parlay Your Skills Beyond the Screen

Filmmakers are often called upon to wear many hats, to learn new skills under fire and to juggle many jobs at once. We often take these skills for granted as par for the course in getting a film made. What we may not always realize is that they create a powerful arsenal of expertise that can pave the way for exciting new careers and opportunities. At the same time the rise of independent film and reality TV have underscored story telling as a powerful medium. Mainstream professionals are now understanding what filmmakers have known for years - that good story telling -- and the viewer "experience" -- provide critical leverage for drawing audiences and influening hearts, minds, opinions and behavior. The bottom line is: in an increasingly interconnected world, if you understand how to tell a good story, you can rule the world. In this session we'll talk with accomplished filmmakers who have successfully parlayed their skills into new and exciting jobs outside of the film industry.

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  1. What are some of the alternate fields and careers open to those who have spent their lives in film or television? How can expanding my work into a new career actually *help* my work as a filmmaker? (funding, contacts, access, etc...)
  2. How do I start to think differently about my skills as a filmmaker? How do I get "beyond the resume" to understand how my experience can translate into other fields?
  3. Does this have to be a zero sum game? (No.) How can I take on a "day job" outside of production and still make time for my pet project?
  4. How can I think differently about and levarage my existing network to help expand my career options outside of just film?
  5. Can I really have a job outside of film that's as creatively rewarding? (Yes.) What might that look like and how can I ensure that what I take on will give me the same level of satisfaction at filmmaking?



Erin Essenmacher, Director of Education, National Association of Corporate Directors

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