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CX + Content: Built-in Emotion and Empathy Online

Come to this four hour long workshop ready to hash out your CX and content strategies in a room full of "drama." Entrepreneur Lauren Fritsch leads participants through Freytag's Pyramid (the ne plus ultra framework for compelling narrative used in playwriting, movie scripts and novels) and applies it to a cyclical content marketing strategy integrated with CX. If all this is sounding not at all emotional or empathetic, have no fear! Working with your own products/services, you'll have hands-on time to craft a compelling content strategy based on the emotions you want your customers to feel, integrate it with CX that delivers transformative interactions,and then try out your new approach on your un-witting fellow workshoppers. The goal? To deliver to your customers the ultimate transformation that your product/service provides, to create an emotional experience at every touch point that compels them to return and to buy, and to deliver with intention on your brand promise and company purpose.

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  1. There's nothing new under the content strategy sun. What is the new content hotness that will change things up for my clients or my company?
  2. We all know that content is overwhelming and that more and more potential customers are opting out. What steps can I take to create sticky content that creates emotional experiences and lasting relationships?
  3. Yeah we have a content calendar, but it seems more ad hoc than strategic. We're ready to create something with more intention but don't know where to start. How can this help me?
  4. I love all this talk about leading with core values and purpose, but I sell software or blank...(fill in the blank with other seemingly "emotionless" product/service here). What do I care about empathy and emotion in my business? Why does humanizing my content and CX matter?
  5. How do I weave together seamlessly my content strategy and my CX touch points?



Lauren Fritsch, Founder, The Coaching Collective

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