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The Robots Are Coming

Through advances in artificial intelligence and data science, Web sites and apps are evolving. There is a new breed of “robot” applications focused entirely on working on our behalf. Search robots, like Siri, turn mobile devices into our personal assistants. Location apps like Foursquare, Radar and Highlight alert us to interesting people and places around us. Customization tools allow users to focus their online experience into a personal robot who thinks just like you do to reach across the Web and return the best music, stories, videos, even daily deals. While the tools of today allow us to work less, the robots of the future will eliminate much of the work in the first place.
Come hear from a panel of experts that will talk about the robots of tomorrow. Imagine the applications in fields like education, health care, or personal finance (wouldn’t you love a robot that does your taxes?). As the Internet starts to work for us, it will enrich our lives in ways we can’t even imagine.

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  1. Will robot applications help find us answers to questions we didn’t know we had?
  2. Does the robot in each of our pockets diminish our need for education?
  3. Is customization a good thing? Can the Web become too customized?
  4. What are the implications of location-based services on privacy?
  5. What is possible? Will robot applications in the fields of education, ecommerce, health care and finance “do the work for us” soon? What other fields can be tapped?



Allison Champion, Coordinator, Brew Media Relations

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