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How Technology Fuels Social Change

How does technology fuel social change? Panelists Jill Iscol, Leila Janah and Josh Nesbit will discuss how technology has changed and enhanced activism.
Jill Iscol, educator, activist, educator and author of "Hearts on Fire: Stories of Today's Visionaries Igniting Idealism into Action."
Leila Janah, Founder and CEO founder of Samasource, a non-profit dedicated to delivering enterprise digital services through a unique Microwork™ model that harnesses the untapped potential of the world’s poor.
Josh Nesbit, Co-Founder and CEO and founder of Medic Mobile, a pioneer non-profit in developing the use of SIM cards to connect very poor communities to health services.

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  1. How to use social media to grow a social movement.
  2. The role of entrepreneurs in social change.
  3. How to become a changemaker.
  4. How medic mobile uses mobile technology to transform healthcare worldwide, and what can other organizations model from tem. will continue benefit healthcare worldwide.
  5. The benefits of "micro-work" and how Samasource uses this concept to benefit not only technology executives, but the world at large.



Meg Clark, Social Media Manager, Lisa Weinert Consulting

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