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Revolution Remix: Using Music To Start A Movement

Think music can change the world? We do. Throughout history, music and advocacy have been natural allies in instigating change. ONE launched agit8 in 2013, a music-driven campaign using the power of protest songs to demonstrate the impact of using your voice whether you're a musician or a member of the public. In the age of digital we needed to rethink and rebuild the way music can support advocacy, turning the traditional charity concert model on its head. ONE worked with over 100 artists from around the world from the biggest names to digital stars to street buskers to create a democratized, digital, music and advocacy campaign. As part of this strategy we also engaged platforms such as Spotify to transform the traditional charity concert and reach new audiences. Join musicians and leaders from ONE and Spotify as they discuss shaking up a dated model and how this shift could change the way musicians engage with charity, how advocacy groups engage with new audiences, and how.


  1. Why did ONE rethink the concept of the charity concert?
  2. How did the music industry respond?
  3. How can digital music platforms support these causes?
  4. What was the outcome and what did we learn?
  5. What happens next?



Roxane Philson, Global Creative Director, ONE

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