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Coogler & Vogt-Roberts process WTF just happened

People are often so caught up on the business & networking aspect of film festivals that they completely miss the opportunity to deconstruct the emotional journey filmmakers are thrust into. Going from cutting your teeth and scraping together micro budgets to watching mass amounts of people watch your work in a theatre can be quite a shock. Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station) and Jordan Vogt-Roberts (The Kings of Summer) want to anchor a panel where they bring on other filmmakers to discuss how we all internally processed the whirlwind of premiering our films and subsequently releasing them into the world.

Making movies is an incredibly rewarding process but it's also beyond exhausting mentally and physically. By bringing in several of our friends and colleagues, we want to discuss the emotional and how we individually adapted to get through it. Everyone has a different path and we want our guests to represent several different routes.

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  1. What are the ups and downs associated with putting a movie out into the wild. How does it feel to see people reacting to your work or to see posters for your movie in a public space? At what point is the film no longer yours? your movie?
  2. How do emotionally you reconcile reviews? It's less about whether the reviews are good or bad but simply what it means to you that legitimate outlets are reviewing your work.
  3. When we were kids, making a movie and having it released was a dream. But when you're locked in a dark edit bay and going crazy it's easy to lose sight of why we decided to do this. How did we get through the journey?
  4. What does it mean to suddenly have large scale attention thrust onto your work? How do you sift through the bullshit and balance all the voices? Specifically how do you deal with press without coming off like a robot?
  5. What's next...? Do you continue in the indie space or move to studios? How do you reflect back on everything that just happened. How do you get your life back and return to a state of being where a film doesn't control every aspect of your day? How do you deal with the influx of scripts etc...



Jordan Vogt-Roberts, Director, No-Sleep-A-Thon

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