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Gaming's Next Gen: WIll AAA or Indie Games Win?

After years of speculation the next generation of gaming consoles have arrived, but does gaming's future belong to traditional publishers producing AAA games or have indie and mobile game creators and the advent of crowd-funding changed the shape of the games industry irrevocably?

Games media veterans GameSpot's Ben Howard and Red Robot Labs Inc. John Davison will lead a discussion about the challenges publishers of core, big-budget franchises face as well as what emerging companies in the mobile and indie scene are changing all expectations about the games industry and its future.


  1. Is there a need for a "united artists" movement to help indies? Can a company like EA return to its original edict of "we are a new association of electronic artists united by a common goal…" and gather studios together? Should something new arise to do exactly that?
  2. Are there TOO MANY indies right now? Are we approaching saturation point - what will that look like 1, 2, 5 years out?
  3. What really equals success for the various branches of the gaming business? How much weight do we give unit sales, unit price, and production costs? how do we talk about success in terms of vastly different franchises like Call of Duty vs. Fez. What have we learned about the success and failure of crowd-funded games?
  4. What does "indie" mean in gaming? How do games like Clash of Clans change tour financial expectations and the ways that products are modeled.
  5. With Free-to-Play seeing great success in mobile and online games, is this model the inevitable future for gaming?



Charles Harrington, Communications Specialist, GameSpot

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