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DIY PR for Crowdfunded / Kickstarter Projects

Many of us have heard about the successes of Kickstarter projects such as the Veronica Mars movie ($5.7+ million). Crowdfunding has become more mainstream, attracting Kickstarter projects from celebrities like Louis CK. Getting attention for a Kickstarter project may be easier for well-known brands, celebrities, or companies using the expertise of PR agencies.
But sometimes, hiring a PR agency may not be the best option at the time for you. What if you’re a first-time entrepreneur, bootstrapping, or just chasing your dreams by launching a crowdfunded project?
This two and a half hour long workshop, designed for these DIYers, will go over PR best practices, strategies and tactics on how to create interest for crowdfunded projects, based on conversations with individuals who’ve run successful Kickstarter campaigns and with reporters. It will cover planning & strategy, timing, pitch writing, story angles, social media, approachng reporters, how to avoid "dead zone" during a campaign, and more.

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  1. When it comes to timing, what should be my strategy when launching a Kickstarter/crowdfunded project? How far in advance should I begin planning? How much prep time is ideal before launching? What should I do DURING and AFTER the campaign ?
  2. How do I write a good pitch to share with press? What are good story angles/hooks? How do I find these good angles/hooks/
  3. How do I approach press about my project? What are best practices to work with reporters?
  4. I've launched my Kickstarter campaign and reached out to reporters before the launch. What other PR activities should I consider DURING and AFTER launch? Why is that important? How do I avoid the "dead zone" during the campaign?
  5. How can I generate attention for my campaign besides media? What are social media activities I should consider?



Connie Zheng, Associate, North of Nine Communications

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