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Hardware Isn't Hard, It's Complicated

Consumer and technological devices created by individuals, small startups, and crowdfunded companies are one of the fastest growing segments in new hardware and product development today. What was almost impossible 10 to 15 years ago, and reserved only for the largest consumer brands is now accessible to the creative masses via access to new investment, design, rapid prototyping, engineering, production, and support tools available.

This two and a half hour long workshop is an in depth look at all of the product development stages from idea and investment, design and engineering, and manufacturing and support. Attendees will gain a complete understanding of what the process and key components are when developing complex hardware and technological innovations into produceable, deliverable, and supportable products and companies.

The tools gained from this interactive session allow attendees to successfully bring new ideas to market by understanding all the aspects of modern product development.

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  1. What is product development?
  2. What are the stages of hardware design, engineering, and manufacturing?
  3. What are the typical and sometimes unexpected engineering stages required to be successful when innovating complex devices?
  4. What are the typical schedule and cost considerations for each of the phases and stages in product development?
  5. How does the product development process scale from small market devices to large consumer products?



Sean McBeath, Co-Founder, Igor Institute

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