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Lifetech: Automate, Quantify & Optimize Everything

Our devices and apps are getting faster and can process more data, but are they working harder for us? More importantly, are they taking the pain points out of everyday life? Lifetech explores the unification and empowerment of the automation, quantification and optimization movements and how the future will be effortless.

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  1. There's ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning that helps to optimize the business environment and our business lives. What can be taken from that to start to look at LRP(Life Resource Planning)? Is it a holistic, integrated system, almost like a dashboard for all of the tasks, all of the activities in our lives?
  2. Is the current wave of beautiful, smart devices helping or just adding clutter back to our lives that the laptop - tablet - phone trifecta took away for a while? Should Lifetech innovation focus on streamlining the number of devices or making devices better?
  3. What are the really big ideas in Lifetech? Not just solving one small action but adding automation, quantification or optimization to a big enough area of life that the user says a mental "thank you'' to the product?
  4. How does the use of smart data help to enable and personalize our lives as consumers in an effortless way?
  5. Do we need one or two main infrastructures developed that all connected, quantified, analytical, predictive etc devices and apps sit on top of? Is there a need for an OS of Lifetech?



Sarah kunst, Investor - Mohr Davidow Ventures, mohr davidow ventures

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